TCU/IAM Financial Secretary Treasurers Attend Seminar at the IAM Winpisinger Center

TCU/IAM continues to maintain a high level of education for its reps. 38 New Financial Secretary-Treasurers (FST) attended a Training Seminar held June 1-4, at the IAM Winpisinger Education and Technology Center in southern Maryland.

Intensive training was provided for the new FST’s, giving them the opportunity to learn key FST responsibilities including: All Lodge financial records, banking and checking information, how to correctly fill out and file DOL and IRS Forms, keeping track of membership records and dues information and the proper use of the TCU/IAM reports – cashbook and auditing.

National President Scardelletti gave a full state of the union; bringing everyone up to date on the affairs of our union.  President Scardelletti also discussed recent contract settlements and the status of current National negotiations. National Vice-President and National Legislative Director Ron Kloos gave updates on the legislation currently on-the-hill that effects TCU members.

“I am proud of all these new FST’s, they took the time to come here and learn the very important job that they were elected to do,” said TCU National Secretary-Treasurer Russ Oathout. “I know this training will help them stay on top their Lodge responsibilities.”

Click here to view some photos of the June FST Seminar.

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