Former Board General Chairman and Local 319 Local Chairman Mick Ward Retires

Ward Retirement

Former Lodge 319 Local Chairman Tom Rask  presents Mick Ward (on the right) with a retirement plaque and watch.

Mick Ward, former Local Chairman of Lodge 319 and a member of the board of trustees of System Board 46 when it closed, retired on January 8, 2013.

Mick hired on DM&IR in April of 1973 and was elected as Lodge 412 President in 1976. He was elected as Local Chairman in 1984 and held that position until 1989. In April of 1989 he was elected as the General Secretary-Treasurer of System Board 246.

He served as System Board General Chairman from 1991 till 1992 and as Secretary Treasurer again from 1992 till 1994. In 1995 holding the post of assistant to the General Chairman.

In 1996 Ward was elected as Local Chairman of TCU Local 319 and held that position until 2009. In 2010 he was elected as Financial Secretary-Treasurer and was in that position until August of 2012.

“Mick’s leadership and experience will be missed,” said TCU National Representative Kelly Gilbertson. “Amazing doesn’t sum up all he did for not only Unit 46 and lodge 319 but for TCU as well. We wish him all the best for whatever his retirement brings.”

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