Retiree Michael Denshaw Says ‘Keep Jobs in the U.S.’

This letter to the editor of the Orlando Sentinel was written by retired member Michael Denshaw of Kissimmee, Florida.  It appeared in the July 28, 2008 newspaper.  Denshaw, 79, worked for Conrail and has been a TCU member for more than 41 years, currently in Lodge 1218.

Here’s what I am looking for in congressional candidates: a bill to restore America.  It is time to reduce the number of jobs that are lost to foreign countries.

A suggestion: American corporations and companies that have moved jobs to other countries should be prohibited from importing their products to the U.S.  They may sell their foreign-made products to other countries, but if they desire the huge U.S. market, they will have to manufacture and market it here with American labor.

It is a disgrace that so many of our customer-service jobs have been lost to foreign countries. I become irritated when I make a telephone call and it is answered by a person who is not an American.  I always ask where this person is located; invariably, it is India, China or elsewhere.

How about legislation that makes it mandatory that individuals and corporations that use voice mail and/or foreign customer-service centers must disclose this information as they solicit business, whether it be banking, credit cards, insurance, etc.
I object to personal data being broadcast to other countries.  Nothing is more irritating than discovering that your health insurance company’s service calls are being answered in India or China.

Be a patriot.  Restore America.  Let America’s business communities know that we resent their actions.

Posted October 23, 2008


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