TCU Press Release ? Disney Monorail Accident

TCU Press Release – July 7, 2009

The Transportation Communications International Union/IAM and its members of Local 1908 in Orlando, Florida mourn the loss of Austin Wuennenberg a bargaining unit employee who worked in the Monorail Department of the Walt Disney World Company in Orlando which is represented by our union.  The union officers and members express their condolences and thoughts to his family, friends and co-workers.

The Transportation Communications International Union/IAM considers on-the-job safety one of the most important issues we face. OSHA, NTSB and the other involved Government agencies will conduct a thorough investigation and we fully believe it will be fair, impartial and address all concerns. TCU is committed to working with them to provide a more secure work place for every member.

At this time, any further comments regarding the accident would only be speculation and unfair to Austin’s family, the people conducting the investigation and the company.

Transportation Communications International Union/IAM Local 1908 in Orlando represents the non-management employees that conduct the day-to-day Monorail Department operations at the Walt Disney World Company and are part of the Service Trades Council representing over 28,000 Disney employees in Orlando.

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