TCU Response to Amtrak Management’s FAQ on Riverside Facility Closure and Negotiations

TCU representatives and call center employees were blindsided by Amtrak’s initial announcement on November 14th. For months, Amtrak held discussions with TCU reps where we asked them directly if they were going to close either Riverside or Philadelphia facilities. Amtrak management repeatedly stated that neither facility would be closing.

This left TCU representatives scrambling to understand their November 14th announcement while we immediately began preparing to negotiate on behalf of employees.

TCU representatives were NOT going to negotiate with Amtrak prior to meeting with Riverside employees. We work for YOU, so it was important for us to understand your wants and needs prior to negotiating with Amtrak.

TCU did not set the arbitrary 60-day notice deadline, and the assertion that TCU is delaying simply to gather political support is simply false. Yes, TCU is working hard to pressure Amtrak to keep our jobs here in Riverside – which is what we’ve been told by employees is your first preference.

In addition, we firmly believe that the short 60-day timeline given is an attempt to pressure employees into not moving to Philadelphia. For comparison, when Amtrak closed the Chicago call center in 2003, employees were given 6-months’ notice – not 60 days. So perhaps employees should be asking management: “What’s the rush? Do we not deserve the same amount of time as employees in 2003? Don’t we deserve adequate time to make a life-changing decision?”

TCU representatives will not be pressured by Amtrak’s arbitrary timeline to settle a sub-par agreement for our members. Again, we work for YOU – not Amtrak.

Lastly, TCU representatives are working diligently with Amtrak’s actual decision makers on finding the best path forward for you all. We are not going to be bullied by these petty communications stunts from rogue middle-management paper-pushers.

Stay strong, everyone. We’re working for you now and always. We will fight to find the best deal – whatever that may be.

Click here for a printable copy of the TCU statement

Click here to read the Amtrak Q&A.

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