UCubed: Bee Mad at the GOP

Bee Mad @ the GOP. Click here to visit UCubed's Facebook page.

A new Facebook campaign by the Union of Unemployed (UCubed) has the worldwide web buzzing with disdain and anger for GOP members of Congress whose policies have kept the jobless broke and out of work.

Bee Mad @ the GOP” is a campaign to place responsibility for the pain jobless households have experienced where it rightfully belongs: on the GOP. The campaign uses a snarky approach to messaging by matching worker bees (the unemployed) against rogue elephants (the GOP). Research shows that elephants are deathly afraid of bees.
“If you were a worker bee and your hive was threatened, would you swarm to its defense? Damn straight you would. Protecting one’s honey comes naturally to worker bees,” said UCubed Executive Director Rick Sloan. “Matching worker bees against rogue elephants may seem comical. But the outcome is no laughing matter. Roughly 46 million voters with direct, painful memories of this Great Recession will be voting their emptied pockets this November. UCubed intends to remind our 109,000 Facebook leaders and their 29 million friends exactly how egregiously the GOP has mistreated the unemployed and underemployed.”

UCubed’s fans are being encouraged to “Join the Swarm” by sharing and liking weekly “Bee Mad @ the GOP” videos, wall posts and photos. Take a look at the first video here.

The campaign will run until Election Day on Tuesday, November 6th.

For more on the “Bee Mad @ the GOP” campaign, visit UCubed’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ucubed.

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