Washington State Hexcel Workers Prep for Upcoming Contract Talks

Front row, from left: Andrew Culver, Business Representative Bobby Joe Murray and John Linboe. Back Row: Jeffrey Walker, Nanci Pickrell and Scott Clark.

IAM Local 289 members who work with aerospace composites at Hexcel in Kent, WA recently geared up for upcoming contract negotiations by attending the Winpisinger Center’s signature Bargaining Committee Negotiation Preparation program.

“I feel that our experience this week at the Winpisinger Center helped better prepare us for the upcoming negotiations.” said Chief Shop Steward John M. Linboe. “This course has given us a better sense of unity and a better understanding of the negotiating process.”

Recognizing that this has the potential to be a difficult round of negotiations, the committee strategized to change bargaining history, map a new direction for relations with the company, put better language in the contract and build solidarity in the bargaining unit.

“Taking our negotiating team through this course will serve the membership well,” said District 160 Business Representative Bobby Joe Murray. “I was very impressed with the team as they were very attentive, putting in long days and working extremely hard on developing a strategic plan not only for the upcoming negotiations but also for nurturing solidarity in the bargaining unit.”

The current contract for Hexcel members, who supply parts for Boeing, Sikorsky and others, expires September 30, 2015.

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