Western Territory GVP Gary Allen Walks Picket Line with Striking Members at Belshaw

gvp allen

Western Territory General Vice President Gary Allen, right, speaks to striking workers on the picket line at Belshaw Adamatic Bakery Manufacturing Plant in Auburn, Washington.

“After two weeks of being on strike, the line is still holding strong; not a single machinist member has crossed the picket line,” said Local Lodge 79 President Clifton LaPlant.

In their last, best, and final offer company representatives made no attempts to move toward wage and benefit improvements their employees need despite IAM proposals that would save Belshaw more than $20,000 per month by moving into a medical plan that maintained the same level of benefits at a lower cost to the company.

“We will be on strike until the company is ready to negotiate with us fairly,” said Local Lodge 79 Recording Secretary Josephine Ulrich.

“Company representatives have been unwilling to negotiate fairly with us on the issues that matter to the employees we represent at Belshaw,” said Dan Morgan, IAM District Lodge 160 Directing Business Representative. “This strike will only come to a resolution when the company is ready to move on the issues that matter to our members and their families.”

“All of you are fighting for issues that will benefit all workers,” said Western Territory GVP Gary Allen while speaking to a gathering of striking members.  “I am proud to be here with all of you.  As this strike continues, do not lose sight of what you are striking for, and rest assured that all of Labor stands with you in your struggle for justice on the job.”

Union members attending the IAM Aerospace Conference in Seattle, which brings together Machinist members from all over the US and Canada to discuss current issues facing members who work in the aerospace industry, donated over $3,500 for those on strike at Belshaw.

For the latest on the strike, go to http://iam160.com/belshawstrike.html.

If you would like to donate or contribute to those on strike at Belshaw Adamatic Bakery go to http://iam160.com/contactus/ouroffices.html for contact information.

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