Winners Named in 2012 Newsletter & Website Competition

The results of the 2012 IAM Newsletter and Website Contest are in. The District and Local Lodge first place winners for each category are:

In the Newsletter Category – Two districts tied for top honors for General Excellence: NFFE-IAM Federal District 1 in Washington, DC, for The Federal Employee and District Lodge 141 in Chicago for The Messenger. Local Lodge 1725 in Charlotte, NC, won first place at the local level for Victory News.

First place winners for Best Newsletter Layout and Design are District 751 in Seattle, WA, for Aero Mechanic and NFFE-IAM Federal Local 125 in Ogden, UT for The 125 Post.

For Best Feature Story in a Newsletter, first place winners are District 142 in Kansas City, MO, for the 142 Observer and NFFE-IAM Federal Local 125 for The 125 Post.

In the Website Category – First place winners for General Excellence goes to NFFE-IAM Federal District 1 ( and to NFFE-IAM Federal Local 2109 ( in Watervliet, NY.

For Best Website Layout and Design, first place winners are NFFE-IAM Federal District 1 ( and NFFE-IAM Federal Local 2109 (

And in the new category of Social Media, first place winners are NFFE-IAM Federal District 1 ( and NFFE-IAM Federal Local 1450 ( of Southern California.

“Congratulations to all the winners of the 2012 Newsletter and Website Contest,” announced IAM International President Tom Buffenbarger. “We thank all our lodge web stewards, editors and communicators for faithfully maintaining their websites and newsletters. Consistently staying in touch with our members is critical, and we appreciate all that you do.”

Click here for a complete list of contest winners.

Awards will be given at the 2012 IAM Grand Lodge Convention in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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