Wisconsin Local Committee Completes Bargaining Prep Class

Winpisinger Center instructor Dave Miskolczi (left) and members of the Local 1260 Bargaining Committee work on contract proposals for upcoming negotiations with Worthington Cylinders.

The latest group to benefit from the Winpisinger Center’s unique Bargaining Preparation Class is from Local 1260 in New Holstein, WI, where the contract with Worthington Cylinders is set to expire on October 1, 2010.

Anticipating a difficult round of negotiations, the committee set out with an agenda that included better communication with members; improved relations with the company and contract goals that will build solidarity in the bargaining unit.

“The week at the Winpisinger Center was intensely focused and very helpful,” said District 10 Business Representative Alex Hoekstra. “The committee worked hard, and I believe we’re much better prepared to advance the needs of the local lodge members.”

In addition to research assistance provided by the IAM Strategic Resources Department, the committee developed language for contract proposals and took part in simulated bargaining sessions with seasoned negotiators providing a realistic taste of what takes place during actual bargaining.

“It was an education unlike anything I’ve ever been a part of,” said Local 1260 Committee Member Kathy Miller. “The staff at the Winpisinger Center has so much experience and it’s all there to benefit our members.”

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