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  • iMail , News October 6, 2011

    New Government Plan to Fix Economy: Import Shoppers

    On the eve of voting on trade deals that will send even more North American jobs overseas, the Washington Post reports that “for the first time, lawmakers, businesses and even White House officials are courting consumers from cash-rich countries such as China, India and Brazil to fill the nation’s shopping malls and pick up the

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  • iMail , News September 22, 2011

    October 4 is D-Day for Lethal Trade Accords

    Congress is set to vote October 4 on three seriously-flawed free trade agreements (FTAs) with South Korea, Colombia and Panama. Should the pending FTAs negotiated by the Bush administration pass, more than 159,000 middle-class jobs will be shipped overseas. With our country suffering from persistent high unemployment, we cannot afford more NAFTA-style trade agreements that

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  • iMail , News August 31, 2011

    When Will We Get Our Fair Trade?

    In 1994, Congress introduced the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) as the solution for jobs expansion and prosperity for the American people.  Seventeen years later, NAFTA has yet to live up to its promise. Costing Americans 682,900 in lost or displaced jobs, the trade deficit with Mexico stands at a mind-boggling $97.2 billion. As

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  • iMail , News August 17, 2011

    Machinists Union Infographic Pits Fair Trade vs. Free Trade

    A new IAM graphic details steps to achieving fair U.S. trade policy, as opposed to the unfair, seriously-flawed South Korea, Colombia and Panama Free Trade Agreements now under debate in Washington. Fair trade puts people and their communities before billionaire CEOs and their transnational corporations who have no loyalty to the workers who made them

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  • iMail , News August 10, 2011

    Congress Must Vote “No” on Panama Trade Deal

    The Panama Free Trade Agreement is one of three pending Bush-negotiated free trade agreements (FTAs) lawmakers are now trying to ram through to final passage. But Congress must vote “No” on the bad trade deal. Panama is one of the world’s worst tax havens, allowing the rich and an estimated 400,000 corporations, including many U.S.

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