2016 Photo Contest

Mon. November 30, 2015

This is the official announcement of the 2016 IAM Photography Contest. It is open to all IAM members in good standing. Entries should catch IAM members at work in unposed photos. Winning entries will win a cash prize and will appear in the 2017 IAM Calendar. Two dollars from each calendar sale is donated to Guide Dogs of America.

International Elimination of Violence Against Women Day

Tue. November 24, 2015

Elimination of Violence against Women

On November 25, 1960, three women known as the Mirabal sisters were brutally assassinated by Dominican Republic dictator Rafael Trujillo. He improved the economic success of the Dominican's capitol, Santo Domingo. However, many recognized him as being violent and aggressive. 

Trujillo approved secret police torture in order to swing his election and the 1937 massacre of thousands of Haitian immigrants. These acts gave people like the Mirabal sisters and their husbands incentive to revolt against him. They called themselves “The Movement of the 14th of June," named after the date of another massacre by Trujillo. They were succeeding in non-violent means of educating the people, so Trujillo's henchman had them brutally assassinated, then tried to cover it up.

Annually on the anniversary of their assassination we recognize International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women to extend their fight and campaign for the victims of violence. 

Women all over the world are still experiencing violence in 2015. Seventy percent of women have experienced some kind of violence in their lifetime. Women 15 to 44 years of age are more at risk to die from domestic violence than cancer or a car accident. Incidents of violence against Women occur all over the world in every country, every day. 

Today is the day to recognize violence against women and campaign to stop it. 

Learn more about the campaign for violence against women.

Women Make Up The Majority - Make Sure You Vote!

Tue. November 24, 2015

cluw.11.2015Over 400 women from many different unions gathered in Sacramento, CA from November 19 – 21st for the Coalition Labor Union Women’s (CLUW) 18th Biennial Convention. CLUW is a labor constituency group advocating on behalf of working women and families.

Opening ceremonies began with phenomenal speakers including Liz Schuler, AFL-CIO Secretary Treasurer; Cecil Roberts, International President for the United Mine Workers of America; and Honorable Nina Turner, former Ohio  State Senator. Other convention events included workshops on a variety of topics concerning working women and training to build and reinforce sisters’ leadership skills in the workplace, union and community.

The convention’s main focus was the importance of making your voice heard. Women make up the majority of eligible voters, yet many do not participate in the process. Women continued to be paid $.78 cents to the one dollar every man makes, African American and Latina women even less. Other key issues identified as important to women include paid sick leave and access to affordable education. Galvanizing the women’s vote behind candidates with strong positions on the issues that matter most, is crucial to ensuring positive change.

The AFL-CIO has designed a survey to help capture the pulse of working women, union and non-union alike. Take the survey now and be part of the conversation. 

For information about CLUW visit their website at www.CLUW.org

Congressional Pressure Builds to Repeal Middle-Class Health Insurance Tax Hike

Thu. November 19, 2015

Democrats and Republicans from both houses of Congress are urging the president to work with them to rapidly repeal the Affordable Care Act’s excise tax that will affect many middle-class worker health insurance plans.

TAKE ACTION: Contact your members of Congress and tell them you support the repeal of the Excise Tax by calling 202-224-3121.

SEIU Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

Thu. November 19, 2015

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) has joined the Machinists and several other unions to endorse Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Tell Congress to Protect Rights for Workers of Native-Owned Businesses

Tue. November 17, 2015

Because of the National Labor Relations Act, most American workers have the freedom to organize into unions and collectively bargain for better wages, benefits, hours and working conditions. This protection applies to employees of many tribal-owned and -operated businesses.

Tell your members of Congress to oppose the dubiously-named Tribal Labor Sovereignty Act, H.R. 511.

Stand Up for Adequate Flight Attendant Rest

Thu. November 12, 2015

As safety professionals and first responders, Flight Attendants are tasked with handling emergencies and caring for thousands of passengers every day. However, study after study show Flight Attendants are impacted by fatigue on a regular basis, negatively affecting their ability to perform safety functions in an emergency.

Tell Congress to allow 10 hours rest for Flight Attendants