Legislative Issues

The IAM works hard to advance the interests of working families, promote the cause of our members and defend our members’ rights.

Just as IAM solidarity at the bargaining tables helps to improve our jobs, we as the labor force need to stand united and work together to stop the continued assault on working families through legislative action.

Legislative Factsheets
Factsheet – 2024 IAM Supports Protecting Negotiated Pensions for Federal Contract Workers VIEW
Factsheet – 2024 IAM Supports the Base Access Privileges Improvement Act VIEW
Factsheet – Defense Spending 2024 VIEW
Factsheet – Delta 2024 VIEW
Factsheet – Healthcare 2024 VIEW
Factsheet – NABTU 2024 VIEW
Factsheet – NMB VIEW
Factsheet – PRO Act 2024 VIEW
Factsheet – Public Service FTG VIEW
Factsheet – Rail Workers REEF 2024 VIEW
Factsheet – Social Security 2024 VIEW
Factsheet – Tax Fairness For Workers 2024 VIEW
Factsheet- Railway Safety ACT 2024 VIEW
Factsheet- Tax Fairness For Workers VIEW
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