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Whether it’s on the job or in the community, unions stand for members helping members and people in the community.

The Retirees and Members Assistant Program / Employees Assistant Program (MAP/EAP) Department has historically worked with IAM Retirees to maintain contact and involvement in their union and with IAM Members seeking education and/or needing MAP/EAP assistance. Where an employer will work with the union we have an EAP; where the employer will not or cannot participate equally with the union we have an MAP.

IAM Retirees have always been our most valuable asset. Seniors know best from true life experiences about the value of mentoring and sharing their knowledge. If not for their life-long commitment to the union, we would not have the benefits we do today. We want seniors to know that while they may leave their jobs, they are still part of their union. We encourage all Districts and Locals to reach out and assist retirees in forming and joining retiree clubs.

Retirees can be a great help to their District and Local in many ways. They are an excellent resource for organizing and growing the union. They understand the issues and the importance of remaining involved. Seniors are active and know how to get it done. Seniors vote!

The MAP/EAP is a vital service available for members in and outside of the workplace. Our certified trained representatives are able to assist members and their families in finding help during their most difficult times. MAP/EAP assistance is a free and confidential service for our members and their families.

The MAP/EAP education programs are conducted at our state of the art William W. Winpisinger Education Center in Hollywood, MD. Member participants are trained by certified MAP/EAP personnel and all courses are fully accredited programs.

For more information on the MAP/EAP program class schedules please visit the William W. Winpisinger Education Center website – https://winpisinger.iamaw.org/

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