There are several forms you’ll need for your with Retiree Club.  Click to obtain your forms:

Retiree Club Executive Board Information

Guidelines for Establishing IAMAW Retiree Clubs

Retired Member Organizing Volunteer Form

Vendor/Contractor Expense Form




Elderly Housing Development & Operations Corporation


12 Questions and Answers about Medicare and Medicare Plans

In recognition of and in accordance with IAM Policy III.6,we are providing this information because it contains information that may be helpful to our retirees.  However, the union is not endorsing any product, and is not a responsible for any agreement you may choose to enter into with Double Health USA.



Participate in a live webinar or conference call: 2018 Medicare Webinar Schedule 
Drug coverage (Part D)


Social Security and Medicare Information


FYI and FAQ’s on Social Security and Medicare


Longer-Term Effects of the Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017 on Medicaid Spending


Medicare Under Attack 2016


Medicare Toolkit 2016


Click for answers to your questions about disability benefits or assistance.  Then click “State
benefits gov

 WISER Women“Improving the long-term financial security of all women through education and advocacy” For more information on financial security for women please visit


Click for answers to your Pension Benefit questions.