I.A.M. C.R.E.S.T. Two-Day Joint Sub Committee Supervisors and Union Representatives Review of Setting Up a Joint Labor/Management Safety and Health Committee and Written Plan


Garlock Sealing Technologies

IAM District Lodge 65 and IAM Local Lodge 588

Palmyra, New York

May 17-18, 2012

This is the next session following the original Three-Day Setting Up A Committee Training which was held in April of 2012. I.A.M. C.R.E.S.T is now providing classroom and hands-on training on a Two-Day Supervisor and Union Representatives Review of Setting Up a Joint Labor/Management Safety and Health Committee and Written Plan to the union representatives and the supervisors at the Garlock Sealing Technologies facility.  This two-day session emphasizes the importance of joint relationships in safety.  At the end of this two-day session, both Labor and Management Representatives from IAM District Lodge 65, Local Lodge 588 and Garlock discussed the agreement between the Union and Company and answer questions.    

During this week participants learned how their union and company safety representatives originally set up their own Joint Labor and Management Committee and developed the necessary key elements and components for an effective and proactive safety committee.  Some of the key elements included organizational structure; identify committee roles and responsibilities and employee involvement. 

In the original three-day setting up a joint labor/management committee class, both the company and union drafted a joint mission statement and outline their joint commitments to safety and the employees of Garlock Sealing Technologies by; defining improved overall communications, identifying training and on-going training requirements for the committee and sub-committees through organizational and process techniques.  At the completion of the April training class, participants developed a written plan for the joint committee that includes operating procedures, roles and responsibilities, employee involvement, reporting and problem solving processes. Both the joint mission statement and the written plan was shared in detail with all supervisors and union representatives during this two-day class, the class participants had an opportunity to add suggestions to the written plan.    

Union Representatives: IAM Business Representative Ronald Warner and IAM Local Lodge President Ron Osborn

Management Representatives: Director of Operations Rick DeVolder and Sr. Environmental, Health and Safety Specialist Jon Neubauer

I.A.M. C.R.E.S.T. Instructors: Michael Hinthorn and Steve Fowee.

Class Participants: Keith Austin, Steve Bagshaw, Pam Batz, Jeff Brooks, Paul Burnisky, Steve Clark, Jim Conlon, Mike Cramer, Jason Crettelle, Rich Culp, Gordie Cummings, Kevin Curtis, Bob Follette, Larry Forjone, Doug Groover, Ken Hill, Karl Hoffman, Bill Jerome, Lou Kurtic, Darryl Long, Larry Lorenzo, Mike Marsteiner, Jim Morgan, Arkesha Morris, Mike Rich, Bill Roloson, Tim Rose, Sammy Ruffalo, Todd Shaver, Linda Scott, Dennis Sharp, Gina Southcott, Al Warner, Becky Williams, Eric Williams and Gary Vercrouse

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