It Pays to be IAM: Thousands of IAM Members at Southwest Airlines to Receive Additional Wage Increases, Bonus Thanks to Foresight of Negotiating Team

Thousands of IAM members at Southwest Airlines are receiving a pay raise thanks to the foresight of the IAM Air Transport Territory, District 142 and their negotiating committee. Members who were employed in one of the three IAM-represented Southwest Airlines groups when the contract was ratified in December 2022 – Customer Service Agents, Customer Representatives, and Source of Support Representatives – will also receive a bonus.

The raises and bonuses are due to a clause negotiated into the contract that requires IAM-represented workgroups at the carrier to receive the same pay rate at the top of the scale as the highest-paid ground operations group.

“IAM members at Southwest Airlines have always been leaders in their classification in pay and benefits at the carrier,” said IAM Air Transport Territory General Vice President Richie Johnsen. “I’d like to thank the IAM Negotiating Committee for having the vision to ensure IAM members at Southwest would never fall behind and will continue to lead the way at the carrier.”

The pay bumps and bonuses are in addition to all the general wage increases and other benefits already present in the contract, along with a 4% non-elective contribution into their 401(k) that began in January 2023 for all IAM-represented employees at the carrier. 

“We knew where the industry was going and negotiated a contract that ensured IAM members’ compensation remained at the top at Southwest Airlines,” said IAM Airline Coordinator Tom Regan

Beginning April 16, 2024, IAM-represented Southwest Airlines employees will be the highest-paid in the industry. 

– Customer Service Agents (CSA) at the top of scale will be $38.35 per hour.
– Customer Representatives (CS&S) at the top of scale will be $37.85 per hour.
– Source of Support Representatives at the top of scale will be $41.32 per hour.

“I am extremely proud of what our negotiating team have achieved during the last round of negotiations,” said IAM Air Transport Territory Chief of Staff Edison Fraser. “The IAM again leads the way in the industry and the patience of our members has allowed us to negotiate good benefits on their behalf.” 

“Nothing makes us more proud at District 142 than improving the lives and benefits of our members,” said IAM District 142 President and Directing General Chair John M. Coveny Jr. “IAM members at Southwest can expect another well-deserved raise and lump sum payment because of their IAM contract.”

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