CSX Intermodal Agreement Ratified

On April 16th TCU members resoundingly ratified a CSX Intermodal agreement, with an outstanding 56% of eligible members participating and voting strongly in favor of the agreement.

Prior to ratification, National Vice President Matt Hollis, assisted by Local Chairmen Reggie Carter and Jon Bailey, attended lodge meetings, visited 16 properties, held numerous conference calls, and fielded dozens of email inquiries to ensure TCU members could ask questions and thoroughly understand the terms of the agreement before casting their votes.

The agreement mirrors the general wage increases of the 2018 National Freight Agreement, with an additional 75-cent wage premium and $1,500 lump sum payment. Employee healthcare contributions remain frozen and work rule improvements include a guaranteed 40-hour work week, overtime after 8 hours, the elimination of penalties for using negotiated leave, and the end of forced 16-hour shifts.

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