District 19 Railroad Local Chairmen Meet at Winpisinger Center

  “The IAM’s history is woven into the history of rail transport in the United States” said International President Tom Buffenbarger. “Our shared past is proud and the Chairmen at the Winpisinger Center this week are a vital element in our collective effort to preserve and improve the living standards of IAM members  working in the rail sector.”

“This seminar has given me the tools and the confidence I needed to go forward in my duties as a Railroad Local Chairman,” said Local Chairman Joe May from LL620.  

 General Secretary Treasurer Robert Roach also addressed the conference and vowed the support of the Office of the General Secretary Treasurer: “You can rest assured that this organization has your back,” said GST Roach. “We will supply the necessary resources so the IAM remains the preeminent union in the rail sector.”

 “This was a very informative week for IAM District Lodge 19’s Local Chairmen,” said President and Directing General Chairman Joe Duncan. “The Local Chairmen are the backbone of our organization on the rails and this type of training strengthens the IAM as a whole.”

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