The mission of the Strategic Resources Department is to help position the IAM for growth and increase the union’s capabilities of improving work-life and the standard of living for IAM members well into the next century. The department provides support to IAMAW officers, field representatives, and organizers through research, analysis, and strategic advice on a wide variety of topics.

As a vital resource to our leadership and headquarters’ departments, the department’s primary responsibilities include maintaining a comprehensive database of IAM collective bargaining agreements; providing accurate and timely analysis in support of bargaining, organizing, and legislative initiatives; and participating in the development of strategic approaches to complex problems facing our members.

Director David White has participated in several negotiations since joining the IAM’s Strategic Resources Department over 20 years ago providing economic and financial analysis and advice for contract negotiations and organizing campaigns.  In addition, he manages the hundreds of requests for strategic assistance. David can also be found teaching sections of various programs at the William W. Winpisinger Education & Technology Center.

Assistant Director Peter Greenberg provides direct support to the strategic director and staff with expertise in negotiating economics, legislative research, industry analysis and more. Peter has been servicing and advocating for IAM members for over 20 years.

Our economists and analysts handle over 700 requests each year from IAM field representatives and headquarters staff.

Our dedicated team of Research Economists handle a wide variety of support requests mostly dealing with organizing, collective bargaining, as well as healthcare and retirement benefits.  The economists can provide on-site or virtual support to negotiations and deliver various programs and workshops to field staff.

Our team of Research Analysts handles a variety of requests to support representatives across the organization. Their work includes strategic corporate research, wage profiles, legislative research, survey development and analysis and contract database management. 

Our dedicated office support team provide essential support for day-to-day operations, status reporting, presentation preparations and more.


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