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  • News February 6, 2009

    February Sister of the Month

    IAM Sister of the Month February 2009 Lorraine “Rainey” Rohrmeier IAM Sister Lorraine “Rainey” Rohrmeier has been an IAM member for over 20 years.  She served as Trustee on the Executive Board for Local Lodge 912 in Cincinnati, Ohio, and was recently appointed Chairperson of LL 912’s Legislative Committee.  Sister Rainey is employed  as an

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  • iMail , News February 5, 2009

    iMail for Thursday, February 05, 2009

    Moncure Strikers Deserve Respect For nearly six months, the 109 members of Local W369 in Moncure, North Carolina, have walked picket lines in conditions that tested their resolve and their wallets, in addition to their ability to endure racial harassment and exposure to extreme temperatures. With strong support from community allies, the veteran IAM members

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  • iMail , News February 3, 2009

    iMail for Tuesday, February 03, 2009

    Executive Orders Undo Anti-Labor Policies In the opening days of his term and against a backdrop of economic turmoil, President Barack Obama made clear his support for labor unions and America’s working families. The president signed a series of executive orders he says will “level the playing field” for workers simply trying to get ahead.

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  • iMail , News February 2, 2009

    iMail for Thursday, January 29, 2009

    Machinists Fault Boeing for Triggering ’08 Strike The IAM today called on leaders of the Boeing Company to end their misinformation campaign regarding the 57-day strike by 27,000 Machinists union members. “The strike was triggered by a Boeing strategy to create a separate and lower class of employees in its manufacturing facilities; one with lower

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  • iMail , News January 27, 2009

    iMail for Tuesday, January 27, 2009

    IAM Defends ‘Buy America’ Provisions The IAM is calling on Congressional leaders in Washington, D.C., to reject a campaign by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to strip “Buy America” provisions from the pending $825 billion economic stimulus package. “We are in the midst of an unprecedented economic crisis, with more than 11 million Americans out

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