TCU Remembers Beloved Labor Instructor Gene Morrill

With great sadness, TCU announces the passing of Brother Gene Morrill at the age of 85. For decades, Brother Morrill was a pillar of TCU’s Education Programs at both the George Meany Center and the William W. Winpisinger Center for Education & Technology.  After his retirement from the Meany Center in 1996, he continued to devote his time to teach leaders of transportation and the trade unions across the globe, including TCU’s yearly Leadership Class held for all new Local Chairpersons. Gene’s class on communication, interviewing witnesses and discipline investigations was a cherished highlight of that course.

Every TCU local officer taught by Brother Morrill surely remembers his unique teaching style, his wit, charm, and of course, The Joke. BrotherGene was one of a kind – a truly inspirational teacher and person, a proud, card-carrying member of four unions, with an unsurpassed gift of communication and an unmatched commitment to the labor movement. Morrill was a great friend to TCU – and to the Labor Movement. He will be greatly missed, but never forgotten.

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