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  • Air Transport September 18, 2012

    NMB Certifies IAM to Represent Fleet Technical Instructors at United Airlines

    In proceedings before the Board dating back to 2011, IAM attorneys countered United’s attempt to split off portions of the craft or class of FTIs, also known as Ground Instructors, and deprive them of union representation. IAM attorneys successfully argued that historical NMB class and craft determinations at sub-UA should apply to the combined group

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  • Air Transport August 13, 2012

    IAM and United Agree to Expedite Contract Talks

     “Airline consolidation has complicated industry negotiations, no more so than at United Airlines,” said IAM District 141 President Rich Delaney. “We believe that focused, expedited negotiations can produce agreements that recognize the value of IAM members to United’s operation. We will leverage the Machinists Union’s substantial resources to attain the contracts our members want, need

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  • Air Transport August 9, 2012

    IAM Calls on Turkish Government to Reinstate Workers

    In a meeting with Turkish Embassy officials in Washington D.C., Pantoja lodged an official complaint on behalf of the IAM and the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) and sought the immediate reinstatement of the 305 members of the ITF affiliate, Hava-Is. Turkish Embassy officials committed to relay the complaint to the Turkish Ambassador to the

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  • Air Transport July 30, 2012

    Delta to Shut Down Comair

    “Our Comair mechanics are all veteran employees. They care about this airline,” said IAM District 142 General Chairman Jim Samuel. “Delta should recognize that Comair is a quality carrier and its employees deserve to be treated better.” “Instead of utilizing its own feeder carrier, Delta chose to cannibalize itself in its continual cost-cutting pursuit,” said

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  • Air Transport July 23, 2012

    Flight Attendant Coalition Praises Inclusion of Flight Attendants Into Known Crewmember

    “Flight Attendants across the United States have secured a top priority: inclusion in the alternate, expedited security screening program, Known Crewmember. Flight Attendants are key partners in aviation security. Providing the same access to expedited, alternate screening for all crewmembers will help advance aviation security and the overall travel experience for passengers. “Including Flight Attendants in

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