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  • Local News , TCU August 5, 2021

    TCU President Maratea Continues to Hit-The-Road and Meets Members in Chicago Area

    TCU President Maratea visited members working on the job in the Chicago area. President Maratea met members working on Amtrak, METRA and TTX. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic TCU members have been working on the front lines, keeping the traveling public safe and the freight moving all across the country. Members in Chicago on Amtrak, Metra

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  • Local News , TCU July 27, 2021

    Training for Lodge Presidents Debuts in Chicago

    Last week, TCU rolled out a new program specifically developed for Local Lodge Presidents. National President Maratea, several TCU and Carmen Officers and Chicago area National Representatives were in attendance. The training, part of President Maratea’s inaugural initiative to expand internal education for Local Lodge Officers, was created and taught by TCU’s Constitution & Law

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  • Local News , TCU July 4, 2021

    July 4

    On July 4, 1776, those who signed the Declaration of Independence proudly stated that all people are “created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” With these words, our forefathers formed a new nation and ensured that liberty and

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  • Local News , TCU June 18, 2021

    Juneteenth Named Federal Holiday

    Legislation to recognize Juneteenth (June 19th) passed earlier this week, commemorating the end of slavery as the 12th federal holiday. President Biden signed the Juneteenth National Independence Day Act June 17, 2021. TCU proudly supports this legislation. Juneteenth will be included in all future TCU Section 6 Holiday proposals. “The recognition of Juneteenth as a

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  • Local News , TCU June 4, 2021

    Machinists Union Postpones 40th Grand Lodge Convention to 2022

    The IAM Executive Council has voted unanimously to postpone the 40th IAM Grand Lodge Convention, previously scheduled for September 12-17, 2021 in San Diego. The IAM will immediately begin planning for a 2022 Convention and communicate details as soon as possible. A letter will be sent to Local Lodges soon with further information on delegates

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