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  • Local News March 7, 2007

    TCU Leadership Training

    New Assistant International Rep Starts Building Skills at Week-long Briefwriter’s Seminar   Dave Cullinan, the newly-appointed Assistant International Representative for Unit 46, spent the week of July 13 at TCU headquarters in Rockville honing his skills in membership representation. Seen above in the center, he studied with Industry Relations Executive Director Debbie Horrell and IR Director Darwin Kubasiewicz.

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  • Local News October 3, 2006

    District 1220 Urges Members to Register and Be Ready to Vote

    Members met in June to review local issues and start register to vote drive.  Here are some members seen at the meeting.

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  • Local News August 15, 2006

    Bob Godwin

    William Robert Godwin, known throughout his 89 years as Bob, died on March 9, 2006 at his home in Ogden, Utah.  He was a member of the union at the time of his death, with 65 years of membership since signing on in 1941. Underscoring his years of support for the union, his wife, Jack,

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  • Local News June 30, 2006

    BNSF Joint Protective Board 50 Elects Officers

    At its second quadrennial convention this June 22-23 in San Antonio, Texas, BNSF Joint Protective Board 50 held its election of officers.  Elected General Chairman is Danny Lancaster and General Secretary Treasurer/Vice General Chairman is Randy Bower.  Also serving now as Vice General Chairmen are Stanley Berlowitz and Don Hughs.  Six were elected to the Executive Committee:

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  • Local News June 29, 2006

    IAM Journal — TCU Pages

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