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  • Local News , TCU September 11, 2020

    September 11 – TCU Will Never Forget

    TCU Honors and Remembers the members that perished in the attacks on September 11, 2001.   James W. Barbella Edward Calderon Rocco Medaglia Eugene Raggio Edward T. Strauss     These members and their families will never be forgotten.

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  • Local News , TCU September 7, 2020

    Labor Day 2020

    A Labor Day Message from TCU President Artie Maratea: The belief that working people are stronger together has always been the driving force of the labor movement. TCU Members know that the collective power we hold is critical to making life better for our families. That kind of solidarity is needed now more than ever:

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  • Local News , TCU August 28, 2020

    A Letter to TCU Membership from National President Maratea

    In a recent letter to the TCU membership, National President Maratea lays out the changes he has implemented and the work plans he sees ahead of this Union. In the letter: Dear Brothers and Sisters: As you may already know, the TCU/IAM Executive Council unanimously elected me to succeed Robert Scardelletti as National President of

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  • Local News , TCU August 25, 2020

    August 25, 1925 – A. Philip Randolph Organizes the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters

    95 years ago today, A. Philip Randolph organized the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters. The Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters became the first African-American Union to win a national contract in the United States and receive a charter with the American Federation of Labor (AFL). In an epic struggle, the Porters fought the bitterly antiunion

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  • Local News , TCU August 21, 2020

    IAM Requests Veterans to Fill out Contact Information Form

    The IAM recognizes this is a stressful time for many IAM Veterans due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The IAM Employee Assistance and Addiction Services Program stands ready to assist Veterans and their families during this tough period. IAM is asking all veterans to fill out the contact information form online, so that the IAM

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