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  • Local News , TCU April 14, 2018

    TCU on Instagram

    TCU Begins Instagram, focusing on member Education and TCU members on-the-job. Send photos to websteward@tcunion.org, to submit a photo include Name, photo description. Please only take pictures of members on-the-job if it is permitted and safe to do so. Click here to view the TCU Instagram page. On Instagram: TCUNIONHQ

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  • Local News , TCU April 4, 2018

    MOVEAMERICA BLOG – Honoring the Life and Preserving the Legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

    By recognizing social and economic justice as one and the same, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. understood the immense power working people have when they come together. He saw union representation as the clearest path out of poverty and into the middle class, and fought for the rights of all people to have good jobs

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  • Local News , TCU March 15, 2018

    New Jersey Governor Murphy Proposes $242 Million More for NJ Transit

    Gov. Phil Murphy’s¬†proposed $37.4 billion state budget adds $242 million more into NJ Transit. Added funding for the agency’s operations would be in addition to $141 million allocated in the fiscal year 2018 budget for a total of $383 million for NJ Transit operations in fiscal year 2019, according to budget documents released Tuesday.¬† Murphy

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  • Local News , TCU March 7, 2018

    AFL-CIO – Quality Education Starts with Quality Teachers

    In a recent statement by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka he expressed solidarity with public school teachers in West Virginia: “The victory for teachers and public employees in West Virginia is a true testament to their activism and an important reminder of the power of working people to improve the lives of everyone. Whether it is

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  • Local News , TCU February 22, 2018

    IAM Members Endorse Incumbent Grand Lodge Officers

    Machinists Union members have completed the endorsement process for the election of Grand Lodge Officers. The results from the DOL-supervised election are that over 770 IAM Local Lodges endorsed the incumbent slate and 20 or 21 IAM Local Lodges endorsed opponent slate candidates. More than 97 percent of Lodges nominated the incumbent slate. IAM Local

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