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  • Local News June 18, 2007

    WRSA System Board 555

    WRSA System Board 555 held its semi-annual convention in El Paso April 30-May 2, 2007.  In elections held May 2, Brian O’Reilly (District 5517) was voted General Chairman and Carla Henderson-Bradley (District 5504) as General Secretary/Vice General Chairperson. Chosen to serve on the Board of Trustees are Chairman Allen Brunson (District 5513) and Members Lloyd Gibson (District

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  • Local News June 7, 2007

    Lois Epps-Medley Wins 2007 Union Plus Scholarship

    Lodge 1351 member Lois Epps-Medley of Chesapeake, Virginia, is one of the winners of a Union Plus scholarship this year.  She has been a TCU member for more than 26 years, spending 18 of them as a tower operator with Amtrak.  Though no longer employed there, she has maintained her membership.  And she is back

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  • Local News June 6, 2007

    District 1908 — News about events and members at Disney World

    Settlement Reached at Disney World June 6, 2007 —Members of the Service Trades Council at Disney World in Orlando, Florida, finalized a three-year contract Wednesday, June 6, 2007.  The contract includes pay hikes of 4-5 percent annually and improves pensions.  It runs through October 2, 2010.  The Council includes TCU members of District 1908, as well

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  • Local News March 7, 2007

    TCU Leadership Training

    New Assistant International Rep Starts Building Skills at Week-long Briefwriter’s Seminar   Dave Cullinan, the newly-appointed Assistant International Representative for Unit 46, spent the week of July 13 at TCU headquarters in Rockville honing his skills in membership representation. Seen above in the center, he studied with Industry Relations Executive Director Debbie Horrell and IR Director Darwin Kubasiewicz.

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  • Local News October 3, 2006

    District 1220 Urges Members to Register and Be Ready to Vote

    Members met in June to review local issues and start register to vote drive.  Here are some members seen at the meeting.

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