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  • TCU December 7, 2007

    TCU Opposes Efforts by London Hedge Fund to Disinvest at CSX

    December 2007—TCU has been receiving questions as to our position about the very public criticisms levied by TCI, a British hedge fund, against CSX management.  TCI owns approximately 4% of CSX stock. Earlier this year the fund called for a sweeping change in direction at CSX. They want to up stock prices by freezing capital

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  • TCU November 1, 2007

    IVP Parker Re-elected as Labor Trustee of NRRIT

    TCU International Vice President Joel Parker has been unanimously re-elected as Labor Trustee to the National Railroad Retirement Investment Trust for another three-year term starting January 1, 2008.  The vote was taken by unions of the Cooperating Railway Labor Organizations group attending an October 30 meeting.  The NRRIT manages Railroad Retirement assets and invests them in a diversified portfolio

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  • TCU September 5, 2007

    Clerks and Carmen Ratify Contracts

    August 31, 2007—The final ballots in TCU’s ratification vote on the National Freight Agreement were counted this morning. TCU clerks voted in favor of the Agreement, with  84% of those returning ballots voting yes. TCU carmen voted in favor of the Agreement, with 75% of those returning ballots voting yes. Terms of the contract, including Health and Welfare

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  • TCU September 20, 2006

    Video: Capitol Crimes

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  • TCU September 13, 2006

    Past News Clips

    Past news clips which have appeared include these.  (Please note that the links may no longer work.): Senators Byrd (D-WV) and Murray (D-WA) express opposition to outsourcing Amtrak jobs.  ”We believe that the vast majority of taxpayers would agree with us that it is wrong-headed and inappropriate to use their tax dollars to ship jobs

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