As financial stakeholders in the union, members know that the IAM leadership exercises its fiduciary responsibility wisely. Their dues dollars enable the union to negotiate aggressively, grow in strength and maintain its effectiveness. And protecting those dues dollars has the highest priority of the General Secretary-Treasurer and his staff.

Collective Bargaining Resources
The IAM's central purpose is to win a better life for our members at the negotiating table. To do that successfully, a wide array of resources is available to negotiators. Each of the departments listed below have an unmatched level of expertise that can be brought to bear during the collective bargaining process.

Labor history books are filled with examples of unions who failed to keep up with developments in their industries and fell by the wayside. IAM headquarters has vigilant and vigorous departments that have responsibility for industries where substantial segments of our members work.

Union Networks
No union exists in a vacuum. Many factors determine whether or not it succeeds: employers and employees in foreign lands, members of other unions, or management representatives. The IAM fosters relationships with a wide range of organizations to remain an effective force.

Building a sound structure requires a strong foundation. The men and women of the IAM are that strong foundation. They have succeeded where others have failed because of their determination. Our members are our greatest resource.

Each year, thousands of workers in the U.S. and Canada are either killed or seriously injured on the job. The IAM has committed to erasing these deadly statistics and to creating safe workplaces for our members and all workers.

Support Staff
Administrating an organization as large and far-flung as the IAM is a monumental undertaking. The IAM support staff ensures that the leadership and the membership has the tools and resources to get the job done.