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Happy Thanksgiving

Wed. November 25, 2015

Sito Thanksgiving 2015 NW

Swissport Fuelers Say Yes to IAM Representation

Thu. November 12, 2015

11 12 2015 swissport
Aircraft Fuelers employed by Swissport in Phoenix voted overwhelmingly to join the IAM.

Citing respect and fairness on the job, 120 Aircraft Fuelers employed at Swissport voted by a 98 percent margin for IAM representation.

TWU-IAM Joint Association Ready to Bargain: Leadership to Commence Negotiations with new American Airlines

Tue. November 10, 2015

NW AA Photo
TWU-IAM to commence joint contract negotiations for 30,000 ground workers at American Airlines on December 3rd.

After a months-long contract reconciliation process, the TWU-IAM Association today announced that it will commence joint contract negotiations for approximately 30,000 ground workers including fleet service, mechanic and related/stores employees at American Airlines on December 3, 2015.

Buffenbarger Names Gardner and Manzo Transportation Department Special Representatives

Fri. November 06, 2015

International President Tom Buffenbarger today announced the appointment of Sandy Gardner and Michael Manzo as Transportation Department Special Representatives.

Machinists Union to Open Contracts Early at United Airlines

Fri. November 06, 2015

The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) today announced an agreement with United Airlines to open contracts covering approximately 30,000 workers early, more than one year ahead of the scheduled amendable date, and enter into expedited negotiations to amend the current IAM-United contracts.

IAM Says NO to EU Anti-Worker Trade Pact Proposals

Fri. October 30, 2015

TTIPIgnacio Garcia Bercero (left), the EU chief negotiator for TTIP, and his US counterpart Dan Mullaney. The EU is pressing for proposals to the TTIP that would harm US aviation and maritime workers.

The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM), with its AFL-CIO sister aviation and maritime unions, today called on the Obama Administration to reject the job-killing proposals by the European Union (EU) to include aviation and maritime transport services in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) agreement.

IAM Transportation Members Come Out in Force for Hillary Clinton in San Antonio

Fri. October 16, 2015

SATTIAM Transportation Department members attended the Latinos for Hillary rally yesterday in San Antonio, Texas.

Off the heels of her very strong debate performance Wednesday night, Hillary Clinton came to San Antonio, Texas yesterday and met with more than 50 IAM Transportation Department members for the Latinos for Hillary Rally.

Airline Coordinator Ira Levy Retires After 38 Years

Fri. September 11, 2015

Transportation Department Airline Coordinator Ira Levy announced his retirement after 38 years of service, effective September 30, 2015.

Resilience, Resolve, Determination

Fri. September 11, 2015


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United Ousts Smisek Amid Federal Probe; Munoz Named New CEO

Tue. September 08, 2015

United Airlines today announced Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Jeff Smisek resigned his position as CEO, president and chairman of the board of directors and named Oscar Munoz as new CEO.

TWU-IAM Association Mechanic and Related/Stores Negotiating Committee Meets in Dallas, Continues Reconciliation Process

Fri. September 04, 2015

The merger of American Airlines and US Airways has created the largest airline in the world and this Negotiating Committee is tasked with preparing for joint negotiations with the New American Airlines. As we prepare for these negotiations the Committee is continuing the process of reconciling the labor agreements so we are prepared to respond once we receive the Company's initial proposals.

Over 600 Delegates Attend the 2015 IAM Transportation Conference

Sat. August 29, 2015

Sito and BuffGeneral Vice President Sito Pantoja presents International President Tom Buffenbarger a framed photo of one of Buffenbarger's heroes, John Lennon at the 2015 Transportation Conference.

The 2015 IAM Transportation Conference, the largest ever, kicked-off this week in Hollywood, Florida with 600 delegates, including delegates from the Transportation Communications Union (TCU) and the Canadian Territory.

TWU-IAM Association Stand-Alone Contracts Trigger Wage Hikes as Negotiators Prepare to Achieve More in Upcoming Joint Contract Negotiations

Tue. August 11, 2015


In yet another example of the TWU-IAM Association's combined power and strategically negotiated pre-merger, stand-alone contracts, Association represented Mechanic and Related, Fleet Service and Stores workers will receive top-of-scale wage increases of between approximately three percent to almost 10 percent, depending on work classification and pre-merger carrier employment in mid-September.

TWU-IAM Association Negotiating Committees Continue Reconciliation Process in Chicago

Fri. August 07, 2015
The TWU-IAM Association Mechanic and Related and Fleet Service Negotiating Committees met in Chicago this week to continue the reconciliation process. The Mechanic and Related Negotiating Committee, above, prepare for joint contract negotiation with American Airlines.

Mechanic and Related Update:

As we continue to prepare for negotiations, your committee met for two weeks in Chicago from July 26th through August 7th. We continued the reconciliation process and began writing new language in preparations for the upcoming joint contract negotiations. We have made great progress, as we addressed some of the most challenging Articles. However, there is still much more to be done.

TWU-IAM Association Schedules New Meetings: Reconciliation Process Continues

Tue. July 21, 2015


In continuing the process to initiate joint contract bargaining with American Airlines, your TWU-IAM Association Negotiating Committees have scheduled meetings the weeks of July 27th and August 3rd in Chicago, Illinois.

TWU-IAM Association Moves Closer to Joint Contract With American

Fri. July 10, 2015

Prep IAM TWU American Web
The Mechanic & Related/Stores/MCT and Fleet Service TWU-IAM Association Negotiating Committees met for the first time this week at the IAM's William W. Winpisinger Training Center in Hollywood, MD. The Contract Preparation Program was launched by TWU-IAM Association Chair and Vice-Chair, Sito Pantoja and Harry Lombardo, who pledged the full support of the Association to attain our goal of industry-best collective bargaining agreements.

IAM ExpressJet Flight Attendants Pound the Pavement, Demand Equal Pay

Wed. June 17, 2015

IAM represented ExpressJet Flight Attendants yesterday once again took their fight for equal pay public by conducting nationwide picketing with their AFA-CWA sisters and brothers.

Schumer Visits District 19 Members in Hornell, NY

Wed. June 17, 2015

New York Sen. Chuck Schumer joined IAM District 19 leadership, to urge the Department of Transportation to green light Amtrak's efforts to buy brand new Acela trains. At Alstom Transport in Hornell, NY, Schumer, alongside Directing General Chairman John Lacey and General Chairman Gary Naylor, said the roughly $3 billion train project could significantly improve rail safety, Amtrak service and boost the local economy.

NMB Releases Unions on New Jersey Transit, Unions Say PEB is Next

Tue. June 16, 2015

title world us njtransit nec

The National Mediation Board (NMB) yesterday released every commuter union on New Jersey Transit (NJT) from mediated talks.

The unions—including the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM)—working together in the New Jersey Transit Rail Labor Coalition, immediately announced their intention to invoke a Presidential Emergency Board (PEB), which will make non-binding recommendations to settle the four year contract dispute.

Spirit Ramp Agents Approve First Contract by 98 Percent

Tue. June 09, 2015


The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) yesterday announced that Spirit Airlines Ramp Agents approved their first collective bargaining agreement by a staggering 98 percent.

TWU-IAM Association Gears Up For Joint Contract Talks

Tue. June 09, 2015

On the heels of the National Mediation Board's (NMB) certification of the TWU-IAM Association at American Airlines, the Fleet Service and Mechanic and Related negotiations committees have scheduled bargaining preparations at the Machinists Union's William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Complex in Hollywood, Maryland the week of July 6, 2015.

IAM Part of Coalition to Press Congress to Prevent Human Trafficking

Thu. June 04, 2015

Hidden in Plane Sight

It is estimated that at least 12.3 million adults and children are enslaved around the world and that 56 percent are women and girls. The International Labor Organization (ILO) estimated that in 2005, 980,000 to 1,225,000 boys and girls were in forced labor situations as a result of human trafficking.

IAM Welcomes Southwest SOS Employees Into Union

Wed. June 03, 2015


The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) recently welcomed Southwest Airlines Source of Support (SOS) employees into the union after a majority of the work group signed authorization cards to join the IAM.

IAM Flight Attendants Celebrate International Cabin Crew Day

Mon. June 01, 2015


Cleveland-based IAM-represented ExpressJet Flight Attendants celebrate International Cabin Crew Day yesterday. From left to right: JC Camacho, Debbie Rhodes-Keele, Ali Rhodes and Dave Hoffman.

IAM District 142 yesterday celebrated International Cabin Crew Day with IAM-represented Flight Attendants by thanking them for their vital role in keeping the skies safe and letting them know how truly appreciated they are.

IAM Sponsors Aviation High School Students in Maintenance Skills Competition

Thu. May 28, 2015

With Dave

IAM District Lodge 142 President, Dave Supplee, with Aviation High School students at the Aviation Maintenance Skills Competition in Miami, FL. (Back left to right: Dave Supplee, Michael Vanegas, Sandeep Chumber, Jeyson Pichardo and Instructor Evelyn Tavarez. Front: Konrad Kostecki, Narad Gounden and Eric Popko).

IAM District 142 recently sponsored six students and their instructors from New York's Aviation High School to participate in the Aviation Maintenance Skills Competition. The competition was held during the MRO of Americas Convention, which was held at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

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